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  1. Orit Wolf speaks with Jessica Steinberg about her new concert series for English speakers:
    “The Concert Pianist Who Converse with her Audience”. Times of Israel. July, 2017.
  2. Orit Wolf speaks with Yossi Schifman on her new season at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
    “Coming from Love”. HABAMA. July, 2018.
  3. Orit Wolf is conversing with Lirone Glikman on Failure, Passion and and Leadership. THE HUFFINGTON POST, October 26th, 2016
  4. Orit Wolf is interviewed by Gal Appelroit on Bach and her Concert Lecture Series, hosting Pianist Joanna McGregor. April 1st, 2016, Haaretz.
    באך באווירה קלילה ובלתי פורמלית
  5. Orit Wolf is interviewed by Smadat Tal on Music, Mind and Body.
  6. Teaching Business Improvisation through the Power of Music. Bar Ilan University, 2013
  7. Renaissance Woman, JPOST, November, 2016
  8. Orit Wolf on Globes ( Israeli Financial Newspaper, July, 2014)
  9. On a Personal Note with Orit Wolf for IWOMAN, October, 2012
  10. Orit Wolf speaks to Noam Ben Zeev on her interdiscplinary concert series. Haaretz, December, 2011
  11. Orit Wolf’s interview to NRG, January, 2014
  12. Orit Wolf on how to bring people into the realms of Classical Music. Mouse, May, 2010,1021,209,49368,.aspx
  13. The Pianist who successfully combines between Business and Music, Ma’ariv, 2014
  14. The Music and Creativity by Orit Wolf, Ma Kedai, October, 2012

Press clipping

Orit Wolf is speaking with Amir Mandel on the Classical Music Audience, Haaretz, September, 2016

“Elad Uzan speaks with Orit Wolf on her passionate Concert Series. Yedior Achronot, 2015
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Orit Wolf and Yaniv D’eor break the paradigms of Classical Music, Maariv, 2014
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On Creativity in life and music, La-Isha, 2011
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